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getAuthClient is a function that returns the ApolloClient making it available for use. It is used for making authenticated server side requests in the Next.js App Router to the WordPress backend and is part of the @faustwp/experimental-app-router package.


Here is an example layout that imports getAuthClient and uses query to query WPGraphQL:

import { getAuthClient } from "@faustwp/experimental-app-router";

// app/my-account/posts/page.js
export default async function Page() {
  const client = await getAuthClient();

  if (!client) {
    return <>You must be authenticated to view this page!</>;

  const { data } = await client.query({
    query: gql`
        query GetMyPosts {
          viewer {
            posts {
              nodes {

  return (
      <h2>My posts</h2>
        { => (
          <li key={}>{post.title}</li>

Code language: JavaScript (javascript)

Technical Reference

getAuthClient(): ApolloClient | null

The getAuthClient function returns the ApolloClient, making it available for use.

You can use the ApolloClient to perform authenticated queries for data using the query function.

The function will return null when it fails to retrieve the access token for making authenticated requests. If this happens, you want to check that your user becomes authenticated using the onLogin server action.