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Frequently Asked Questions

If I need more support, where should I ask questions?

Use one of the channels below to contact the Faust team for support.

GitHub – Faust GitHub documentation and codebase.

Discord – Interactive chat support on Discord.

Where can I find more information about development and future features for the WordPress plugin?

Great question! The development team posts weekly summaries of sprints related to Faust, here.

Why the name “Faust”?

Johann Faust was a German printer and was instrumental in the invention of the printing press, along with his partner Johann Gutenberg. In the same way the printing press democratized the spread of information, the mission of Faust.js is to support and further the vision of WordPress to democratize publishing on the web.

Do I need Atlas in order to use Faust?

No, you do not need to use Atlas in order to use Faust. Faust is an open source JavaScript framework sponsored by WP Engine, but it can be used with other providers.

Do I need Faust in order to use Atlas?

No, you do not need Faust in order to use Atlas, but we sponsor Faust specifically as it is optimized for WP Engine and Atlas. You can use any Node.js frontend framework for your Atlas deployment.

I am using Atlas to deploy my Faust app, but I am not using a blueprint. How do I manually set my environment variables?

After obtaining your secret Faust key (described in our Getting Started Guide), go to your Atlas portal.

Then follow the detailed instructions on how to configure your frontend application to work with Atlas.

The variable for the Faust plugin being set with a key and value pair in the Atlas portal.

Is this project stable to use in production?

Yes, Faust has launched a 1.0 version that is stable for use in production.

How do I skip the CLI health checks?

You can skip the built-in health checks by adding the --skip-health-checks flag to your Faust CLI commands. This flag instructs Faust to bypass the initial checks that verify your environment is ready for running Faust projects.

You can run any Next.js command script defined in your package.json and modify it to include the --skip-health-checks flag:

// package.json
  "scripts": {
    "dev": "faust dev --skip-health-checks",
    // Other scripts...
}Code language: JSON / JSON with Comments (json)

Now, you can skip health checks during development by running the following command from your project’s root directory:

$ npm run dev
> faust dev --skip-health-checks

info - Faust.js v3.0.1
info - Faust.js CLI v3.0.1
ready - started server on, url: http://localhost:3000Code language: JavaScript (javascript)

Skipping health checks with --skip-health-checks is discouraged. These checks ensure your environment is ready for Faust. Skipping them might lead to undetected issues, causing errors or broken deployments. Fix underlying problems if checks fail. Only use --skip-health-checks cautiously for specific testing in controlled environments.