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Debugging Faust

Faust has an environment variable you can set to get detailed debug information, for example, like the seed node that was returned for a given route.

To enable it, add the following environment variable to your .env.local file, or to the “environment variables” section on your hosting platform (Atlas, Vercel, etc).

FAUST_DEBUG=trueCode language: JavaScript (javascript)

You can confirm you are in debug mode when running or building the app by viewing the console:

Debugging Next.js

Faust is built on top of Next.js. You can learn more about debugging in Next.js by referencing their Debugging docs.

Debugging Apollo

Faust uses Apollo under the hood to make all GraphQL requests. Apollo has a number of developer tools, including a Chrome and Firefox extension for examining queries. You can learn more about debugging with Apollo on their Developer Tools docs.