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Changelog for @faustwp/cli



Patch Changes

  • f5c5867: Added new .env variable, FAUST_NO_INTERACTION, intended for CI environments.


Patch Changes

  • ede0fc4: Fixed a bug where the NODE_ENV was not being set properly when faust start was ran. Additionally, fixed a bug that halted the faust start command from running in some CI/node environments.


Patch Changes

  • fbccb4f: Implements telemetry in the Faust CLI. Telemetry is opt-in by default: if you do not have any preferences, the CLI will ask if you'd like to enroll in Telemetry. Thereafter, you can use the npx faust faust-telemetry command to update your preferences. The following information is collected if you enroll:

    • Which settings are enabled/disabled in the Faust plugin
    • Faust plugin version
    • If the WP site is hosted on WP Engine
    • If the WP site is multisite
    • PHP Version of the WP site
    • WP version
    • @faustwp/core version
    • @faustwp/cli version
    • @apollo/client version
    • Node version
    • next version
    • If the Node environment is in dev mode (was npm run dev ran)
    • The command that gets ran (i.e. npm run dev, npm run build)


Patch Changes

  • 4f46f81: Handles .env.production and .env.development in example


Patch Changes

  • f1b80a4: Added new command, generatePossibleTypes, that enables users to update their project's possible types schema for the Apollo GraphQL Client.
  • 401ba91: Excluded unnecessary files in production release (src, config files, etc.)


Minor Changes

  • ddbd104: Initial Release