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What’s New in Faust.js, September 2023

By Chris Wiegman on

The Faust.js team has been hard at work finishing up our implementation of Next.js’ App Router as well as a new Gutenberg feature that will allow you to take an existing React component and use it, with minimal configuration, in the WordPress Block editor.

Next.js’ App Router

We’re getting really close at our own implementation of Next.js’ App Router. This new feature will not only unlock some important functionality for those of you who want to stay on the cutting edge with Next.js. It will also unlock some important functionality for Faust.js itself such as server-side authentication that will allow Faust.js devs to do much more with WordPress.

For all it is about to unlock, however, I think what I’m most excited about is what it will be able to unlock in the future. Namely, it’s helping us think of Faust.js in a more holistic fashion, without the constraints of any single framework. Today we’re very Next.js centered by design. Tomorrow we’ll still be able to help folks get started with headless WordPress using Next.js and we’ll be able to support other frameworks as well. Imagine the power of Faust but using Vue, Astro or any other framework you might want to implement. We’re not there yet, but this is the first step on a road to such an option and I think that’s incredibly exciting.

Want to try the App Router today? It’s not ready for production but you can check it out at @faustwp/experimental-app-router.

Components to Blocks

Next up is our feature for bringing existing React components into the WordPress dashboard allowing developers to implement existing front-end libraries in WordPress.

Like the App Router, this will unlock a ton of possibility, particularly for established teams and developers who do projects beyond just WordPress. You’ll no longer be constrained by what WordPress delivers and, instead, you’ll be able to easily implement new sites on your own terms.

Faust blueprints have moved to ACF

Screenshot of the WP Engine dashboard of Faust.js' Blueprints where users can start up a new Faust site with only a few clicks.

Another win our team delivered last week is we finished converting our existing project scaffold and portfolio blueprints to use ACF. This allows for developers to make use of existing ACF content structures much more easily and will set a starting point for new Faust.js sites that takes advantage of the most powerful content solution in the WordPress ecosystem.

You can check these out by viewing our project scaffold or portfolio blueprint on GitHub.

What’s next?

While we’re really proud of what we’ve accomplished over the last month, there’s still a lot of work to be done. We’re securing permission from some Faust sites to launch our showcase page and we’re doubling down on the fit and finish of App Router and our components to blocks feature to be able to deliver them to y’all by the end of the month.

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