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What’s New in Faust.js, October 2023

By Teresa Gobble on

Terri here to give you the latest update on all things Faust.js! Our team has been hard at work finishing our blockset command to accompany our Components to Blocks example project, as well as documentation for the Experimental App Router utilities.

The Blockset Command

First up is the blockset command that will assist you in taking your existing React component and using it, with minimal configuration, in the WordPress Block editor. This lightweight command will facilitate building the blocks using WordPress build scripts and sending them to WordPress.

Keep an eye out for Faust’s accompanying block support example project, coming soon! It contains a fundamental demonstration of the blockset command, as well as the minimum requirements to use blocks with Faust. You’ll be able to use this project to play with these new features, and as a good reference when implementing it yourself.

The Experimental App Router Docs

I’m pumped to announce that we are finished with our implementation of Next.js’ Experimental App Router, and now have documentation to help you get your implementation off the ground. This new feature supports server-side authentication that will allow Faust.js devs to do much more with WordPress, and the example provided in documentation walks you through how to do just that.

What’s next?

The next few sprints are all about metrics. In order to improve Faust.js, the team is taking a deep dive to better understand how the community is using Faust, and what kinds of features we can improve upon and explore as we move into the new year. This includes a feedback form for each page of the site, as well as a collection and implementation plan for faustwp plugin statistics and user preferences. More on this to come as we move into November!

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