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Taking “Customer Inspired” Up A Level

By Chris Wiegman on

For longer than Faust.js has been a project, WP Engine has had a core value of Customer Inspired. This month the Faust.js team has taken that to a new level with a process that we believe will help us better support all of our Faust.js users no matter what platform you run your code on.

Historically the team working on Faust.js has managed the project in WP Engine’s primary tool, Jira. For most of our teams this works great as it allows for robust project management and descent communications for all the folks that might need to communicate on a specific product or service.

After 2+ years on the Faust.js team, however, it’s started to really show its weakness: having our project in Jira makes it really hard to us to collaborate on issues and pull requests on our GitHub repo.

When you submit an issue or PR, historically, we had to get it to Jira to be workable by our team where we would refine it, do the work, and handle all our discussion on the issue in question. If you were to then add details to the issue- or even if we solved your issue- the Jira workflow meant we could miss any communications made after we started working with the issue. This situation was less than ideal.

As of January 1st of this year we’ve fixed that by moving all of our project management to GitHub. For now we’re using a private project but we are working directly with the issues and pull requests you submit to us, ensuring we can address things completely and in a timely manner.

This means we can respond to any issue or pull request on any of our Faust.js repos as quickly as you can submit it to us. It also means that far more of our work is happening in public where you can comment or just learn about what is coming out even before we release it.

We’re confident this “customer inspired” workflow is going to help us do the right thing and respond to the needs of the entire Faust.js user base, and we look forward to seeing what you submit as we all work forward together.

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