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Sprint 21 Update

By Chris Wiegman on

Documentation, documentation, documentation.

The theme of our last sprint was documentation and it showed. We’re super close to launching new documentation for new Faust. You’ll see the updates on in the coming weeks.

What we accomplished

We worked hard this sprint to rewrite the Faust documentation to work with the new version of Faust. It’s been a long process but we’re confident that we’re on the verge of a much more robust documentation site which will make working with Faust even easier.

As part of the upcoming documentation change I did want to call out that, as the older version of Faust isn’t going anywhere, neither is its documentation. will be updated for new Faust and the existing documentation will be moved to a legacy domain to ensure its continued availability for any projects you may have in flight.

In addition to documentation we also released new versions of the npm packages with minor bugfixes and a small change that significantly reduced the bundle size of the application generated during a build. You can see the full change log for the latest versions here.

What’s next

Next we’re going to be putting the final touches on the new documentation so we can launch the site and start work to update the Blueprints to work with new Faust. Together this will make getting started on Faust much easier and we think you’ll agree that new Faust is something special indeed.