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It’s Time To Start Saying Goodbye to GQty

By Chris Wiegman on

We have worked hard to update Faust.js to be a more standardized and performant framework using Apollo Client as its base. We believe that Faust.js with Apollo is more stable and easier to maintain than Faust.js was with GQty, and we recommend that all users currently on Faust.js with GQty start planning their migration to Faust.js with Apollo. We have already updated our blueprints and other resources to reflect our current and forward-looking technology investments. While security updates will continue to be provided through 2024, no new feature development will happen on legacy Faust.js.

Is Faust.js still under development?

Faust.js is still under active development with a roadmap planned through 2024 and beyond.

Faust.js has been instrumental to the growth of WP Engine’s Atlas platform and is being heavily invested in with an emphasis on developer experience and personalization. For a sneak peak of what we’re working on today check out the issues on our GitHub repository.

What was wrong with GQty?

In short, nothing is wrong with GQty. It is a great client that worked really well for getting people started with their first headless site. It’s architecture and design, however, meant it was harder to work with in larger and more complex sites so, in 2022, we rebuilt Faust.JS with Apollo to take advantage of all that Apollo has to offer, especially the ability to more easily build scalable and complex sites with WordPress.

Do I have to stop using the GQty version of Faust.js today?

No. The GQty version of Faust.js will receive security updates and critical bug fixes throughout 2024.

We know how much is invested in a headless WordPress site and we’re committed to making the transition to Faust.js with Apollo as easy as possible. To help we’re committing to security updates and critical bugfixes for the GQty version of Faust.js through 2024. At this time we will only be stopping work on any new features to the framework and we recommend that any new project you start us Faust.js with Apollo.

How do I move to Apollo with Faust.js?

Ready to switch to Faust.js with Apollo? Great! While I won’t try to tell you that there is no work to be done I can tell you that most users we’ve spoken with have found the transition much easier than expected. Check out our migration guide to start work on your project and reach out to us on our Discord or on GitHub if you have any questions.

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