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Sprint 31 Update

By Teresa Gobble on

Hello folks, Terri here to give you an update on all the work the Faust.js team has been doing over the last few weeks! In addition to our DeCode presentation, we have been hard at work streamlining the Content Blocks Plugin, executing a new in-depth case study for Faust, evaluating new documentation strategies, polishing content, and working on improvements to the Faust toolbar.

React Gutenberg Bridge Demo

DeCode was a blast, and my team member Blake and I enjoyed meeting folks from the community and answering questions about the React Gutenberg Bridge. If you missed it, you can watch the video here and come visit us in the Discord channel to ask questions. Our team is always happy to talk with you!

Content Blocks Plugin

Speaking of the Content Blocks plugin, we have spent some time over the past several weeks improving the developer experience for it with streamlining dependencies, reducing installation steps, and adding functionality and flexibility for querying blocks. For more information, take a look at the plugin’s releases.

Faust Case Study and Documentation Improvement

During this quarter, we’re also rebuilding to use Faust, allowing the team to really delve into a case study to search for stuck points and begin building a more intuitive flow for documentation. In addition, the new site will feature some time savers for the team, including an improved editorial workflow, reduction in maintenance with separation of the site code from the Faust monorepo, the implementation of WP Engine Smart Search, and improved scalability as we continue to grow how-to guides, tutorials, references, and explanations for the community on all things Faust.

Toolbar Feature Planning

This quarter will also see new Toolbar features. The team is currently working on building a solid foundation for this feature so that we can progress with a debugging panel, a few useful shortcuts for clearing a site cache and rebuilding a site, and search integration. 

Coming up next

This next sprint, the team is dogfooding component libraries, global components, and compatibility with Faust, as well as adding support for classic blocks, implementing a theme provider and hook, and sussing out a workflow for prereleases. I’m feeling pumped about the potential of all these projects to grow the Faust community and help bring the power of WordPress to the front-end. We hope you’re feeling excited, too!