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Sprint 29 Update

By Chris Wiegman on

It’s been a little while since I’ve had a chance to write an update post and we’ve accomplished a lot in that time. We have new releases, new features and more documentation all ready to go and we’re starting to push even that further than we ever have. Here’s how it all breaks down:

Faust Releases

We’ve released a number of hooks and other features across 4 releases to @faustwp/core and its related packages. You can see a complete list of what has changed in our release notes.

Faust Toolbar Released

Version 0.2.5 of Faust core includes the new Faust.js version of WordPress’ own Toolbar. This will allow authenticated users to easily edit the content they need and will serve as a platform for a whole lot more. Soon you’ll be able to clear cache, see build status and more right from your site’s front-end.

As a bonus, it’s also extendable giving you the option to add in the features that mean the most to your own users.

It’s a powerful feature and an even more powerful foundation for features to come. Learn more about it in the Toolbar docs.

Sitemap Support works [again] with Faust

When we re-released Faust.js in September we broke sitemap support. That is no longer the case and you can once again use Faust with your favorite sitemap generator.

Gutenberg Block Support Documentation

We’ve long talked about Gutenberg Block support in Faust.js and I’m happy to report that the initial documentation is complete. This should make it much easier to fully support any block you need in your app’s front-end.

What’s next

Next up we’re focusing more and more on our documentation. We want to make sure that using Faust.js is as easy as possible and that starts with good documentation and tutorials. We’re also starting work on better CSS support for Gutenberg Blocks and lots of little features to keep everyone building.