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Sprint 27 Update

By Chris Wiegman on

Our first sprint of 2023 is complete and, as I write this, we’re preparing a new release of Faust.js with new hooks for TypeScript and an initial, experimental, approach to support Gutenberg Blocks.

Most of our past two weeks were focused on planning the work to implement two new features, Gutenberg Block support and a headless version of the WordPress Toolbarthat, together, we hope will greatly increase the convenience of Faust.js for both developers and publishers. While initial code to support blocks will be available this week you can expect to see more documentation and utilities to make the process easier coming shortly.

In addition to Gutenberg and the Toolbar we’ve also created two new TypeScript types (FaustPlugin and FaustHooks) which can be used to type check Faust plugins. These will also be released this week and will make developing plugins in Faust.js even easier.

Finally, we’re working on making incremental improvements to our documentation to ensure building with Faust.js is as easy as possible. That said, we know questions do come up and, for those occasions, I want to take this time to re-emphasize the availability of our Discord channel for support and chat with the team who builds Faust.js.