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Sprint 26 Update

By Chris Wiegman on

Hello 2023!

It’s been a quiet 2 weeks for the Faust team as most of us took time to be with our families for the holidays. As a result we spent the last two weeks looking at a few minor bugs and hope to have a fresh release out soon.

As I write this I’m looking forward to us getting started on our 2023 goals. Over the next two weeks we’ll be demonstrating our work on our “admin bar” and Gutenberg features internally as well as building out a roadmap to get them into your hands this quarter.

Both features, the admin bar and Gutenberg support, promise to really up the capability of WordPress as the best CMS for headless development not just for developers, but for publishers too. From debugging information to easier access to editing content and so much more, these features are the start of our push to take Faust from where it is to where we have always envisioned it going.

If you want to see them for yourselves do reach out to the team, we’re always ready to show off and get feedback on what we’re working on. You can find us on Discord or the WP Engine Developer’s Site.