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Faust.js Updates for July 2023

By Chris Wiegman on

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to write one of these posts and, as you can probably already tell from this website, a lot has changed and even more is on our roadmap. Here’s a breakdown on what we’ve been working on and what we have planned for the coming weeks.

What we’ve finished

For our last update we were working on demos for our Gutenberg features, support for the Toolbar and a few other things.

Since then we’ve completed a number of things but here are a few of my favorite highlights:

First, we rebuilt this site on Faust.js, WordPress, WP Engine’s Atlas and WP Engine Smart Search. You might ask why we hadn’t done this earlier and the answer is actually pretty simple. The site predated the initial launch of Faust.js so it was built on Docusaurus. Once Faust.js was ready it simply took us some time to fit the rebuild into our backlog.

The site launch has already proven successful for us in that it has helped us identify bugs and new features as well as given us a platform we plan to build on over the coming months with features such as a site showcase, feedback forms and so much more. We’re really excited about how far it’s come and even more excited about how much more we’ll be able to do with it!

We’ve also added support to our Gutenberg features for WordPress’ theme.json. This support will make it easier for developers to build out consistent experiences between the WordPress editor and their Faust.js front-end with less code leading to a better experience for all users of their site.

Speaking of blocks, we’ve also built out 10 new implementations of popular WordPress blocks such as the paragraph and heading block in our blocks package to help make getting started on a new project that much easier. These blocks will also serve as a great example of how to build your own blocks for your project in a repeatable way that we hope to further empower by adding a blocks marketplace to this site in the coming months. Think of the upcoming feature like the WordPress plugins directory only for Faust.js blocks where you can share and download blocks built-out by the community.

What we’re working on

That’s a lot of features we’ve already released but I think what I’m most excited about right now is what we’re working on for the future.

First we’re working on support for Next.js’ new App Router feature. This is a highly requested feature that will allow developers to make use of more of the power of Next.js itself while also helping ensure Faust.js can be used in a more modular or customizable fashion for those who might not want or need everything it has to offer.

Next we’re working on a tool to help you take existing React components and easily re-use them as Gutenberg blocks. We realize that it’s handy to go from Blocks to components, as we’ve already added the ability to do, but for many it will be even more powerful to take components from your existing libraries and re-use them in WordPress. We hope to have early releases of this new paradigm out before the end of quarter 3, 2023.

Finally, we’re working on a showcase feature for as well as features to better allow you to provide feedback to the team directly from this site.

It’s a lot of work coming up, but we’re confident that this work, combined with the existing power of Faust.js, is really going to make it easier for everyone to develop headless websites with the full power of WordPress as your CMS.

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