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Faust.js August Update

By Chris Wiegman on

We’ve been quite busy these past couple of weeks with a few projects we’re working on.

First and foremost is this site. When we re-launched it this summer we said that this is only the beginning and we stand by that. These past two weeks we’ve been working on a template for a “showcase” page to show off what y’all have been building on Faust.js. We’re now done with the idea phase and hope to have it available to all in the coming weeks.

Mock-up of what a showcase page could look like on, featuring tiles with links to external sites.
Mock-up of what a showcase page could look like on

We’ve also spent time getting started with two new packages that will enable Next.js 13’s App Router as well as a package that will allow you to import existing React components for use within the WordPress editor.

Want to know more about these features? We’ve started publishing Requests for Comment (RFCs) for our new work. Here are the two for our biggest current projects:

Both features are still early in their development so we’d love your help!

As we make new features available via RFC we’re also working at moving all our work to a place where it is easier for you to comment and contribute. In December of 2021 we moved Faust.js’ development from GitHub to Jira as the latter is the tool WP Engine relies on. While it’s great for most of our projects it does hide more of our work than we would like. As a result, we’re in the process of trying to move everything back to GitHub in a way that will work well with everyone, both within and outside of WP Engine. I don’t have a timeline on this yet, but that project is in-flight and we look forward to being able to chat and work with all of y’all to make sure that Faust.js really is the best platform for your own projects.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be releasing our showcase as well as these features and more for Faust.js. We’re excited to see how they can help power your own projects! As always, if you have any questions or comments, do find us on GitHub or Discord.

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