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Faust has opt-in telemetry for both the Faust plugin and Faust packages. The plugin and packages both collect information to help us make more informed product decisions.

What is being collected?

Once you opt-in, faust will collect the following information at build time:

  • Which settings are enabled/disabled in the Faust plugin
  • Faust plugin version
  • If the WordPress site is hosted on WP Engine
  • If the WordPress site is multisite
  • PHP version of the WordPress site
  • WordPress version
  • @faustwp/core version
  • @faustwp/cli version
  • @apollo/client version
  • Node version
  • Next.js Version
  • If the node environment is in dev mode (was npm run dev ran)
  • The command that is ran (i.e. npm run dev, npm run build)

We do not collect any personally identifiable information or sensitive information like environment variables, file paths, or any application URLs.

How do I enable/disable telemetry?

Telemetry in Faust.js is opt-in by default, meaning we won't collect any telemetry information unless you explicitly enable it.

If this is your first time using the faust cli, you will be prompted for your telemetry preferences:

Screenshot of the Telemetry prompt in the Faust package

Once your preferences have been set, you can run the following command to see the prompt again to change your preferences:

npx faust faust-telemetry