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Changelog for @faustwp/core



Patch Changes

  • 0fa846a: Added new header, x-using: faust. This replaces the previous header, x-powered-by: Faust, as it was being overwritten by various server hosts.
  • c545b11: Added a debug mode by setting the FAUST_DEBUG environment variable to either true or 1
  • 4dce6dc: Added support for FAUST_SECRET_KEY in addition to the pre-existing FAUSTWP_SECRET_KEY.


Patch Changes

  • d0c1395: Created two new TypeScript types (FaustPlugin and FaustHooks) which can be used to type check Faust plugins:

    import { FaustHooks, FaustPlugin } from '@faustwp/core';

    export class MyPlugin implements FaustPlugin {
    apply(hooks: FaustHooks) {}


Patch Changes

  • be61b71: Added: Template variables are now being returned to the client via the __TEMPLATE_VARIABLES__ prop.
  • d1f5cc4: Added: FaustTemplateProps<TemplateDataType, AdditionalProps> TypeScript type so you can type your incoming props from Faust Templates
  • be61b71: getWordPressProps now sets a smart default revalidate of 900 (15 minutes) when using getStaticProps
  • be61b71: getWordPressProps() now accepts props and revalidate as apart of its options object parameter.


Patch Changes

  • 5990bb7: Added the following exports to @faustwp/core:

    • getWpUrl()
    • getGraphqlEndpoint()
    • getApolloClient()
    • addApolloState()


Patch Changes

  • c103fde: Pass props to getNextServerSideProps and getNextStaticProps
  • 48a0715: Trim any leading/ending backslashes in NEXT_PUBLIC_WORDPRESS_URL


Patch Changes

  • 30b59d6: Reduce bundle size by using proper lodash import
  • a17d980: Fixes incomplete Apollo Client Data merge


Patch Changes

  • 401ba91: Excluded unnecessary files in production release (src, config files, etc.)


Minor Changes

  • ddbd104: Initial Release